9 Types Of Food After Exercise Can Help You Build Muscle And Recover Faster

9 Types Of Food After Exercise: Can Help You Build Muscle And Recover Faster If you want to build muscle and achieve a new goal of high fitness, then reducing the right fuel after exercise is almost as important as the exercise itself.
“Sports nutritionist and triathlon athlete Marni Sumbal, MS said:” After training your sports nutrition can promote a faster recovery, reduce muscle pain, strengthen muscles, improve the function of the immune system, and replace glycogen – all Critical The components can help you with your future training. “RD So, if you rarely consider nutrition after training, your time in the gym can have grim results.

In general, it is a good idea to eat and drink for an hour or more of exercise to maximize these benefits, but what should be achieved? The following scientifically supported options will accelerate your recovery so you can return to the gym faster and stronger.

1) cherry juice.
Sour cherry juice contains antioxidants and several anti-inflammatory compounds that have been shown to help athletes recover from intense training. Many studies have shown that hot and sour cherry juice can help restore recovery after strenuous exercise, but it is not limited to weight training: A recent Scandinavian Journal of Sports Medicine and Science study found that sour cherry juice to improve the various movements Appearance. The performance of cyclists. In addition, cherry juice also reduced systolic blood pressure 90 minutes after exercise compared with placebo. And there’s even data that suggests it can help you sleep.

Improvement after exercise: you can find Montmorency cherries in dry, juicy, canned, concentrated and frozen form at your local retailer.

2) Whole eggs.
Eating whole eggs can help you tear. In a recent study at the University of Illinois, researchers asked men who often raised three whole eggs or a protein mixture containing 18 grams of protein after exercise. Then they measured their rate of protein synthesis or the driving force behind muscle gain.

Although they contain the same amount of protein, the muscle production response of whole eggs is approximately 40% higher than that of individual proteins. The authors of the study will be theoretical yolk nutrients – such as healthy fats, vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus and iron – Let’s take the white muscle to use more efficient high-quality protein.

Improvement after exercise: use 1/4 cup of regular Greek yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon of yellow curry powder and a few tons of salt to chop some boiled eggs. Spread rye cookies.

3) Italian ricotta cheese
According to the study of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, as long as 9 grams of dairy products are sufficient to start the process of muscle building.

In this study, men used a milk drink that contained 9 grams of protein or a carb-containing beverage that contained calories after a lower physical training session. Although the use of a placebo that only contains carbohydrates did not help the exercise process after exercise, 9 grams of milk protein contributed to this process.

“In response to the stress of trained muscles, the mTOR protein in our muscles is activated, which is the key to stimulating protein synthesis,” said Sumbal. “And mTOR is very sensitive to amino acids in dairy products.”

Go for a 1/2 cup of ricotta cheese and provide approximately 14 grams of milk protein. Sumbal said that it is also a good source of whey protein, which means that there must be very high content of the amino acid leucine, which for the emission of mTOR to promote new muscle growth is particularly effective. As a further advantage, British researchers have discovered that pairing whey protein with carbohydrates after exercise can help strengthen bones.

Strengthen after exercise: mix 1/2 cup of park – skim the whey cheese and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a bowl. There is 1/3 cup of granola and 1/2 cup of berries on top.

4) smoked salmon
Studies have shown that a high intake of omega-3 fatty acids in certain fish (such as salmon, sardine and mackerel) in the intake can result in the reduction of the incidence of post-resistance pain muscle exercise delayed onset.

Omega-3 fatty acids can enter muscle cells and help reduce the pain caused by exercise and cause pain. More reason to go after your fishing fuel exercise session: School of Medicine

6) Sweet potato.
Sorry, keto fans – when it comes to post-workout recovery, carbs are indeed your friend. A report in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that consuming carb-rich foods like potatoes, grains, and fruit can help lessen the drop in your immune system that may occur after intense exercise.

But don’t worry – your six-pack won’t take too much of a hit. The carbs you eat after training are more likely to be used as energy than stored as fat, Sumbal says.

Post-workout boost: Place 1 medium peeled and cubed sweet potato and 1 tablespoon water in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and poke a few holes. Nuke on high for 6 minutes, or until potato is very tender. Remove plastic wrap and mash potato with 1/3 cup applesauce and 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder. Scatter on dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

7) Herbal tea.
A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that men who drank yerba mate tea (200 mL three times daily) were able to recover from eccentric exercise much faster than when they sipped only water.

It might come down to compounds like phenol antioxidants, which are naturally found in the leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis shrub where mate comes from. Since yerba mate also contains some naturally occurring stimulants, drinking it before a workout may help boost your energy, too.

Post-workout boost: Heat a liter of water to just under a boil. Place in a jug along with 4 yerba mate tea bags or 1 tablespoon loose leaf mate. Let steep in the fridge for at least 4 hours and then stir in the juice of 1 lemon. Chug back a cupful after hitting the weight room.

8) Whole-grain bread.
Bread certainly gets a bad rap these days, but carbs help fuel working muscles (not to mention your brain). Quality carbs like those found in whole-grain bread go a long way in helping to replenish your muscles.

Post-workout boost: Don’t overthink it. A basic sandwich can go a long way. Try an egg salad sandwich using Dave’s Killer Bread ($26 for 2 loaves, buy it here). It’s rich in whole grains, fiber, and protein, and contains no artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, or fillers.

9) Quinoa.
This powerful little grain is a great addition to any diet, but it’s especially ideal for those following a gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian diet who are looking to increase their protein and fiber intake – it’s loaded with both.

Post-workout boost: Try Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa ($39.16 for a pack of 4, buy it here). Enjoy as a side dish or as part of your main course.